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Mercy Hilltop Center offers a variety of fitness classes for individuals of all fitness levels.

Classes offered:

  • SilverSneakers – low impact class that can be done seated or standing
  • Total Fit – low impact done from a standing position (will elevate heart rate)
  • Yoga – low impact that focuses on the mind/body connection. This class is done seated and standing, there is no ground work in this class.
  • QiGong - QiGong is an ancient form of health-promoting exercise that comes from the Chinese medical and martial arts tradition. Chinese philosophy considers Qi (or Chi) to be the life force energy that permeates every living thing and that it’s linked to breath. (After all, if you stop breathing to die!) Wu Yi Jie He QiGong, the style taught at the Hilltop Center, emphasizes diaphragmatic breathing to promote relaxation and exercises designed to take each joint through full range of motion. When performed regularly the routine can promote flexibility, mild strengthening, improved immune response and stress reduction. The cardinal rule for the class is do not do anything that produces pain! (Pain is a sign of inflammation, a state linked to most of the major diseases plaguing our society today.) Even if you cannot do a posture you may derive some benefit by visualizing the motions in your head. If your doctor or other medical provider has told you not to do a particular exercise or any physical activity equivalent to walking, balancing on one leg, reaching overhead, bending, turning and/or twisting while reaching we ask that you obtain permission for the class from that provider